How much time have you spent scrolling your Facebook or Instagram feed, marveling at the long eyelashes you see in everyone’s selfies? Lengthening mascara, Latisse treatments, and eyelash extensions are all great options for boosting length and volume, but there’s a new treatment out that’s even more exciting – lash lifts. We’ll tell you about it in this post. Don’t be surprised if you’re excited, too!


A lash lift is a gentler alternative to other lash treatments. It’s a bit like a perm, but for your eyelashes. The solution is carefully applied to your lashes for a specific period of time. The end result is lashes are separated and lifted with a bit of curl.

Some people opt to add a tint, giving their eyelashes a bit of extra color. This will add more definition, whether you choose to later wear mascara or other eye makeup or not. It’s also a great way to subtly darken your lashes if you’re fair.


Your technician will first assess your current lash situation. They should then review style options and specifics to see what type of curl you’re really looking for. These options usually include something very natural, something with a slight curl, or a style with full-out lashes-reaching-for-the-eyebrows sort of curl.

Your technician will also talk to you about your favorite regular style, and what you usually try to achieve with makeup. This matters because the goal of a lift is to reduce how much work you have to do to look and feel your best. Your eye shape also matters; matching shape and style helps you to achieve a defined, yet natural look.

The process starts when the lash pro uses a safe glue to attach a small silicone rod to your eyelid just above your lash line. As the lifting serum is applied, your lashes are curled up and back over the rod, creating their new lifted shape. After about 10 minutes, your technician will wipe away the lifting serum and apply a setting solution designed to hydrate your lashes. This sits for approximately eight more minutes.

The length of time for each step is determined by your hair type. Do you have a hard time getting the hair on your head to hold the style you want without using a ton of product? Your technician will likely leave the solution on a little longer. Does your hair do whatever you want when you wave a curling iron at it? You probably won’t need to leave the solutions on nearly as long.

If you do opt to have an eyelash tint added to your treatment, it will be the third step. This really only adds around 10 minutes or so to your overall procedure. Once finished, your technician will wipe your eyelashes clean, separate them from the rod, and send you on your merry way blinking beautifully at a brand-new world of lashful wonder.


We’re not knocking lash extensions! They’ve been around for a long time; once you get the hang of them, they add a ton of volume, length, and curl. There’s no chance of messing up and sticking yourself in the eye during the application process, either.

The main problem is that you have to keep up with them regularly to maintain a consistent appearance and look. Lash extensions are glued to the root of each of your individual lashes, so as your natural lashes fall out, so do some of the extensions. Some women complain that their natural lashes are unhealthy when the extensions are removed, leaving them brittle and sometimes broken.

Extensions are also more difficult to care for than a lash lift. Women with lash extensions have to be careful of how they treat their eyes. You can only use certain mascara (if any at all) and only certain eye makeup removers. You also can’t sleep on your side, use sleep masks that touch your lashes, or rub your eyes. All will shorten the lifespan of your lash extensions.

Lash extensions are expensive, too. The average set can cost up to $200 and they usually need to be replaced more frequently than you’ll need a touch up with a lift.


Anyone with average length eyelashes is a good candidate for a lash lift. If your eyelashes are too short, you may not be able to curl them back enough to create the lifted look you’re looking for. Make sure you ask the salon or spa you’re visiting if they offer a quick consultation to make sure you are a good candidate before you commit.


As long as you follow after-care instructions, your lash lift should last for approximately six to eight weeks – sometimes up to 10 weeks. It takes about that long for your eyelashes to go through their natural growth cycle, so the curled lashes will start to fall out as they are replaced by new ones.

So what are the post-care rules? They’re not nearly as extensive as the rules you have to follow on the regular after a lash extension. As a matter of fact, the main rule is to avoid getting them wet for the first 24 hours after the procedure. A tiny bit of accidental exposure is okay, but don’t steam yourself in a hot shower. Use a facial cleansing wipe for a day or so and you’ll be good to go.

After that first 24-hour period, you can wash, wear makeup, sleep like a normal human being who likes to turn to their side, and go about your life. You can even continue to use your favorite lash serum to encourage more natural lash growth and volume. You’ll probably find you need less mascara, as you won’t be working as hard to build your lashes out or create extra curl. You may want to add some coconut or facial oil to keep them conditioned, but that’s optional.

The eyes are a focal point on your face and they’re one of the first things people notice about you. Curled lashes open your eyes, make you look more awake, and can add a little youthfulness to your appearance. As far as we’re concerned, lash lifts are an amazing, natural option for people who live a low-maintenance lifestyle.

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