The winter months are cold, dark, and dryer than most people think they are (despite snow and other winter weather). The frigid air outside bites at your skin and the warm air inside completely sucks moisture from the body. Add a bit of holiday stress and an over-abundance of sweet treats to the mix and your skin just might start to hold that stereotypically rough and irritated feel.

Dry winter skin is no joke, but all is not lost. A facial can help to heal your skin and reverse your winter woes.


The combination of cold winter air and indoor heating systems can dry your skin out, even if you moisturize daily. Drinking water can help to rehydrate you from the inside, but a good facial will soothe and restore the moisture in your skin cells from the outside.

Think of your facial skin as “thirsty;” a facial is like a nice, cool tall glass of water on a hot (or in this case, cold) day. Your aesthetician applies a combination of serums and moisturizers designed for your skin type, ensuring you walk away with a brighter complexion.

Pair your facial with higher-quality at-home products and you should be able to maintain your new higher level of moisture for about a month. Using a home humidifier at night can also help your skin retain more moisture.


As your skin dries out, dead skin cells stuck to the surface cause you to develop a dull, uneven complexion and clog your pores, too. Yes, your daily at-home skincare routine will help you to gently exfoliate them away, but the deeper cleanse you get from a facial will help you to really clear your pores so you can avoid breakouts.


Exfoliating facials go a bit deeper than simple cleansing. They’re far more effective at getting rid of dead skin cells; in fact, they’re one of the best solutions next to chemical peels and more invasive procedures. Microdermabrasion treatments, HydraFacials, and other mildly abrasive formulas are gentle yet tough enough to slough the dead skin cells away. Your skin will simply glow after a complete exfoliation.

There is nothing wrong with exfoliating at home between spa facials, especially in the winter months. Talk to your aesthetician about which products are best for maintaining your brighter look between professional treatments.


It’s okay to admit it – we know most people pop pimples every once in awhile. The problem is that everytime you pop them, you risk creating scars and skin discolorations, which can be permanent. A winter facial for sensitive skin that’s breaking out from all of the extra sweets you had over the holidays is just the ticket. Special formulas safely extract the clogs in your pores and clear those pimples fast so they heal and appear much less noticeable.

In other words, don’t touch! Wait for your appointment.


The medical-grade moisturizers and serums your aesthetician uses are packed with vitamins and antioxidants. This combination of nutrients is important because it encourages old skin cells to shed at a faster rate, leaving fresh, new skin cells to surface. Younger skin cells equals more youthful skin!

Vitamin facials are also a great choice for reducing inflammation and correcting sun damage. Whether you’ve spent the winter on a warm beach or got a little wind and sunburn on the ski slopes, a quick facial might be just what you need.


The unfortunate truth is some people simply stop putting on sunscreen during the winter months. Unfortunately, the sun isn’t forgiving then, either! It might not be as bright, but it’s every bit as damaging with enough exposure. In fact, even excessive exposure just once can play a role in the development of melanomas and wrinkling over time.

Regular winter facials will help you to reverse some of the sun damage while soothing and moisturizing your skin. While you’re there, talk to your aesthetician about what type of sunscreen product you should use. You may be able to try a different formulation or SPF than you would routinely turn to in the summer.


It’s no fun to admit, but the way your skin looks definitely has an impact on your self-esteem and confidence levels. If you struggle in these areas, you may find it becomes significantly worse during the traditionally “blue” winter months. It doesn’t matter if you have acne, eczema, psoriasis, or some other skin condition; having a professional treat your skin the right way can really help to lift you up. It heals your skin and your soul, if only just a little – and you’re worth it!


Yes, you can buy at-home facial products, but none will compare to a professional procedure. Your aesthetician has access to a wide variety of medical-grade products and blue or red LED lights you simply can’t access easily for home use.

Doing your own facials at home can also be a safety hazard. Microdermabrasion facials and anything using certain acids are very easy to overuse, leading to burning or even blistering. Remember, your aesthetician has had a lot of formal training. Sure, you might pay a bit more to go to the spa, but you won’t damage your skin with an at-home hack.


A good aesthetician will give you thorough skin analysis before starting a facial. You’ll work together to assess your skin’s current condition as well as any problems you’ve experienced throughout the month. Your aesthetician will be able to choose the best facial for your skin and provide you with tips and tricks for better at-home care. You’ll walk out of your appointment feeling refreshed and armed with the tools you need to keep your skin healthy throughout the rest of the season.


Let’s face it — the holiday season is rough. It’s a fun time of year, but the months spanning from late fall through early winter are simply a blur, chock full of parties, parades, and special events. Holiday stress and rich foods do nothing to help your skin’s complexion, nor do those tasty holiday cocktails. The hour your carve out for your facial is an hour you deserve, complete with skin care and a relaxing massage. Sit back and let someone else pamper you a little.

Your skin is your largest organ and works to protect you all day, everyday. Take a few moments each day for regular self-care, protect it from the harsh elements, and show it a little love with a monthly facial. You’ll love the way you look and feel when it’s over!

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