You love the skin you’re in – and you want to keep loving it, regardless of age. That’s why you try your best to get enough sleep, drink enough water, and follow the right skincare routine. But after a certain point, these holistic treatments might not be enough – that’s where PRFM injections come in. We’ll tell you what this miracle substance really is, and how it can help you maintain your youthful glow, right now.


There’s a lot of super complex scientific lingo we could use to talk about this special cosmetic surgery ingredient. For example, we could tell you that it allows delivery of autologous cytokines to healing tissue while also inducing endothelial cell proliferation.

But let’s be honest – that’s not really helpful unless you happen to be studying PRFM in a lab. What you really want to know is what it can do for your skin. So, let’s take a simpler approach.

PRFM, also referred to as Platelet-Rich Fibrin Matrix, is essentially made up of the very same platelets (clear blood cells) that make up all of the blood in your body. Their main role in the body is to maintain clotting factor – the process in which blood gels up.

If you’ve ever had a cut that developed a scab, you’ve experienced this first-hand. Platelets encourage blood to clot up in response to the wound, helping keep the rest of your blood inside your body where it belongs.

But platelets also play another important role: they encourage the growth of new tissue. Specifically, they contain “growth factors” that trigger skin to replicate newer, more youthful cells. That’s why wounds eventually heal up with new, soft, pink skin, but it’s also why PRFM injections are so useful in skin care.

Lastly, PRFM also turns into a gel-like substance itself when activated. When used as a dermal filler, it can boost volume and sculpt the face. And because it’s typically sourced from your own body, there’s a much lower risk for rejection or side effects.


Not exactly, but they are very similar. In fact, both are extracted platelets sourced from your own blood. But PRFM contains a much higher concentration of platelets, which results in a longer duration of effect. PRP, on the other hand, contains a lower concentration that only produces ative results for about a day.

That isn’t to say PRP isn’t useful. Treatments like the vampire facial rely on this substance to help clients achieve beautiful, youthful looking skin with fewer fine lines. The only real difference is the shorter and less powerful duration of effect, which may make PRFM more effective for advanced aging or intense results.


Another area where PRFM excels is in its ability to address far more concerns. These highly concentrated platelets also stimulate the production of stem cells, which are essentially the building blocks of every form of tissue in your body. And that means it encourages growth and restoration almost anywhere it’s placed.

In fact, PRFM has been used in medical environments to treat joint and muscle injuries, help wounds close, and even inspire hair restoration after extreme loss (e.g., chemotherapy). There is also evidence that PRFM might help improve or restore lost circulation associated with age.

Skin-wise, the main benefits from PRFM seem to be associated with appearance and texture. We mentioned that it takes up space when used as a dermal filler already, but because of the way it inspires cellular regeneration, it can improve glow, too. Skin may become softer, with fewer fine lines and wrinkles, for that baby-soft look.

It’s a bit like a fountain of youth, just a little less mysterious! In fact, all of this has been proven by science time and time again. And new studies come out every day supporting the role of PRFM injections in anti-aging treatments, healing, and more.


As mentioned, the most common way providers use PRFM is by extracting it from your own blood and injecting it into your skin like a dermal filler. It can be used in other ways, too, but this is the treatment most people are after in relation to skin.

The exact process works something like this:

  • You come in for a consultation with a medispa provider. He or she will talk at length about your struggles, your goals, and whether or not PRFM is right for you. They may recommend PRFM injectables only, or they might suggest using a combination of treatments instead.
  • On the day of your appointment, your provider will extract a small amount of your blood – usually from a vein in your arm or the back of your hand. If you’ve ever had bloodwork, you’ve already been through this process (although PRFM often requires much less blood).
  • Next, your blood is placed into a special machine that spins it around incredibly fast. This separates the platelets out from other parts of the blood, such as red blood cells and plasma.
  • What happens next depends on which treatment you have. If you choose microneedling, the PRFM is then extracted from the remaining mixture and gently massaged into your skin. Your provider will then use a microneedling pen to force it deeper into the dermis where it can produce the best results.

If you choose to use PRFM as a dermal filler, your provider will mix it into a safe injectable solution. He or she will then follow the same process followed with other injectables, using a fine needle to place tiny amounts under the skin where volume is desired.

Aftercare for PRFM is pretty much effortless. In fact, most people don’t even have any side effects, pain, or swelling. A little bit of redness for a few hours is common, especially if you have particularly sensitive skin.

In fact, the overall risk profile for PRFM is much, much lower than synthetic injectables. This is mostly because it comes directly from your body, and thus, your immune system already recognizes that it’s supposed to be there. This lowers the chance of your body mistakenly identifying it as a foreign intruder.

So, what’s the catch? Truthfully, there really isn’t much of one at all. Because skin rejuvenation treatments involve a needle breaking the skin, there is a very small risk for infection especially in immunocompromised patients. But this risk is extremely rare, especially if you go to a reputable spa who follows proper sanitation procedures.

Want to know if this is a good option for you? The best way to find out is to schedule an in-person consultation with an expert. Reach out to your local medispa today and learn just how much your own body can help you in the fight against aging.

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