What if we told you it’s possible to have long, thick, dark eyelashes without the use of goopy false eyelashes or everyday mascara wear? The Elleebana Lash Lift may be just the treatment you’ve been waiting for, promising length and curl from a simple perm and tint. It’s time to ditch the eyelash curler and give this hot new trend a try.


Elleebana is a relatively newer lash lift serum brand containing ingredients that extend the natural life cycle of your lash hairs. Like a perm for your hair, they also chemically alter the structure of the hair shaft to make it appear fuller, longer, and curlier.

The Elleebana Lash Lift is really only “new” to the American market. In reality, this brand has been around for a very long time. People have been using it for more than 20 years in Australia, often with incredible results! Here on U.S. soil, it quickly gained remarkable popularity almost immediately after FDA approval.

Elleebana formulas generally contain a variety of important ingredients, like thioglycolic acid, sodium bromate, ethanolamine, lanolin, polyquaternium-6, and octylphenol ethoxylate. Some of these provide the perming effect, while others deeply moisturize the hair shaft and plump it for greater visibility.


Lash treatments are always considered semi-permanent due to the life cycle of your natural lashes. Even though Elleebana extends that life cycle, the hair follicle will eventually force it to shed and regrow. Sorry, science can’t stop cellular death just yet, even in your lashes!

But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t bother with Elleebana; in fact, just the opposite is true. If you use it on a scheduled basis, it can help you get the most out of each and every lash hair as and when they grow.

Mascaras can be messy and lash curlers can kink your lashes, giving them an awkward appearance. A lash lift with a tint gives you the same effects without you having to go through your day worrying about smudging your makeup, running in the rain (or after an emotional day), or clumping from sub-par makeup products.

Love the color of your lashes but not the way they curl? You can have a lift done without a tint, too. Love the way they curl but not the color? That’s a common problem, too, especially among people with very light lashes (calling all the beautiful gingers out there: this is your fix!) You can have a tint done without a lift. Chose one or both based on your needs at any given time.


Yes, there are other lash lift options on the market, but Elleebana is definitely a favorite among aestheticians and lash technicians. Why?

  • Quick Treatment Times – Your entire appointment should last 45 minutes to an hour. The actual treatment itself will likely take around 20 minutes. This is a perfect “lunchtime” procedure with zero downtime.
  • Easy Eyelash Positioning – Your provider will curl your eyelashes back along a silicon rod before applying the perm solution. This simple step allows the technician to perfectly position your lashes, enhancing the overall appearance and how they frame the shape of your eye.
  • Natural Appearance – The Elleebana procedure uses silicone pads. These pads allow the lash to lift from the root, rather than the tip. It creates a more natural effect than old-school perming rollers gave on the hair on your head..
  • Straightening or Lifting – Believe it or not, some people think their lashes are too The Elleebana treatment protocol works for this need, too, straightening each lash to develop the illusion of increased length. You definitely have options.
  • Lash Length – It doesn’t matter if you have short or long lashes; this treatment is safe for use on all types. Other lash lift options are sometimes limited to longer lashes – and they may not work on light lashes at all.
  • The Appearance of Long Lashes – Putting on eyelash extensions every morning takes time and effort, especially if you’re new to the lash enhancement world. Elleebana Lash Lifts eliminate the need for glues and other harsh chemicals while saving you precious minutes each day.
  • Nourishing Effects – The Elleebana Lash Lift formulation is highly nourishing. Each application contains no harsh chemicals, which means less drying, fewer incidents of eyelash breakage and just plain stronger lashes. In fact, many women report an improvement in how their natural lashes grow after regular Elleebana use.
  • Easy Aftercare – While you do need to avoid rubbing your eyes after your lash lift, there is very little aftercare involved. You can go back to your regular shower routine right away. You can also swim or participate in sports — no limitations!
  • Hygienic Application – Elleebana Lash Lift components come in single-use packets. This means your lashes are yours alone, never exposed to anyone else. Your technician will open your packets during your session and what is inside is yours alone. There’s no sharing, no question about storage, and no waste.


A lot of women wonder if Elleebana  shares similarities with older lash lifts that came out in the 80s, many of which were irritating or even risky. In truth, the procedures are nothing alike at all. Older lash lifts used larger rollers that curled women’s eyelashes back way too far, often causing breakage and pulling the hair out by the root. Ouch!

Instead of this undesired pulling, Elleebana uses a much smaller silicone pad roller that’s better sized for human eyelashes. Your technician has much more control over where your lashes end up, whether curled or straightened. The end result is a brighter, more awakened look without irritation or that stereotypical doll-like shocked appearance so obvious in old-school glamour shots.

Lastly, treatment is very quick. In fact, it’s so fast you should plan to integrate Elleebana with another treatment if you want to make a day of it.

Once your lash lift is applied, keep your lashes dry for at least a full 24 hours. Avoid excessive heat from the sun, steam rooms, or saunas just to give the treatment time to really lock in. Once the first day is up, you can go back to your regular daily routine.


Everyone is different, but results last anywhere from eight to 10 weeks for most people who have an Elleebana lash lift. Aim to have a short maintenance procedure at around the six or eight-week mark to catch new lash growth and lift it evenly with the rest of your lashes. In the extremely rare case that your lashes don’t hold, you can have a second procedure as early as 30 days after your initial appointment.


This is the best part. While prices vary spa to spa, many offer Elleebana Lash Lifts for as little as $50 to $60. That’s inexpensive even compared to extensions and even what you end up paying for disposables! Long, lush lashes are not only possible, but they’re affordable as well.

Have you been on the fence about having a lash lift? Start the New Year off right with a new, bright-eyed look. Enhance the look of your eyes for weeks at a time. It’s a subtle change that will leave people wondering what’s different!

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