Summer in California: sun, sand, beaches, drinks on the patio, long nights spent dancing at your favorite club – maybe an adventure along the Pacific Rim or a luxurious trip to Napa Valley for wine and relaxation?! Life’s sublime in the west coast summer, with plenty to do, and see, and love.

Our summers may be beautiful, but that doesn’t mean they can’t take a toll on your skin and beauty routine. In fact, high temperatures and hot days can make some patients feel like they’re struggling against an impossible challenge.

In this post, we’ll reveal some of our best summer beauty tips and advice to help you make the most of long, lazy summertime days without harming or sacrificing your skin in the process. This is your guide for more fun in the sun!



We can’t put enough emphasis on this: wear sunscreen and protect your skin from the sun at all times. Sun, heat, and skin damage is the number one cause of early skin aging as well as several forms of skin cancer. Protecting your skin properly in the heat of summer ensures you retain your youthful glow later in life.

As for which formulas to use, aim for a sunscreen of at least 30 SPF or higher. Avoid the sun on particularly hot days between the hours of 10 a.m. and 4 p.m., and wear loose-but-comfortable clothing (such as wide-brimmed hats or flowy shirts) for extra protection when you’re out and about.


Here’s one of the most important summer beauty tips of all: drink plenty of fluids. Proper hydration plays a significant role in how your skin looks, feels, and reacts to environmental stressors, like the sun. Being dehydrated can make your skin appear tired, rough, dry, sallow, or even uneven.

Why is water such a critical aspect in summer beauty tips and advice? Science! Your body – including your skin – is made up of millions and millions of tiny cells. Those cells are comprised mostly of water; when you’re dehydrated, they lose water, and even shrink. Skin cells become dry, tight, flaky, and dull until you rehydrate.

To ensure you’re getting enough fluids, drink water periodically throughout the day. If you drink soda, alcohol, or coffee, bear in mind that these can actually dehydrate you more than they help. Balance them out with additional water when you can.


We’ve mentioned that hot summer sun can sap your skin of moisture, and that you should stay hydrated and protect it. But nourishing your skin regularly, with a good moisturizer, can also help. The catch is that most people trend towards oily skin in the summer rather than dry, and the wrong moisturizer choice can leave you struggling with a blemish breakout.

The best way to identify your best moisturizer is to visit the aesthetics spa for a consultation. A professional treatment provider can examine your skin, its condition, and any concerns you have and recommend the best product.

As a general guideline, if you’re choosing your own moisturizer, start with light gels and liquids rather than heavy creams. Work your way up until you achieve your goals. If you’re addressing a specific problem (such as loose or sallow skin), be sure to use a formula that directly addresses that concern.


Protection is important, as is hydration and nourishing, but at the end of the day, proper cleansing routines will remove all of the dirt, sweat, and bacteria that accumulates on a hot day. Unless you have very dry skin, use a high-quality foaming cleanser with a degreasing element. It will help to detoxify and purify your skin while also ensuring you remove every last trace of makeup at night.

But that isn’t where it ends; toning is an important part of cleansing, too. Apply your favorite toner evenly after patting skin dry; then, follow up with the moisturizer you picked in the previous section. Use a clarifying mask with charcoal and dead sea kelp once a week if you struggle with summer blackheads or blemishes.


Some people just seem to have a harder time with skin issues in the summer than in cooler weather. If that’s you, take heart: you don’t need to lock yourself indoors and refuse to come out until November. Treating summer skin, whether your issue is blemishes, cystic acne, wrinkles, or something else entirely, is more than possible.

One of the best treatments for chronic warm-weather skin troubles, fine lines, wrinkles, excessive oil, and loss of volume is the chemical peel. This older treatment is making a comeback because it helps patients restore their youthful glow regardless of age. Best of all, treatment takes just a few hours and recovery time is extremely minimal. There’s a chemical peel for nearly every issue out there.

Not interested? You have other options. Summer is a great time to explore non-surgical interventions like Botox, Kybella, or Dysport. Like chemical peels, downtime is extremely minimal and results can be crafted to be as minimal or prominent as you desire. Newer methods and formulas prevent “frozen face” and give you a more natural appearance in less time.


If you’re finding this right now because you’re already struggling from sun damage (in the form of a sunburn), we have some advice to help you soothe your burning skin.

First, if your sunburn is severe enough to be extremely red, intolerably painful, peeling, bleeding, cracking, or blistering, don’t use any of the advice we’re about to share. Instead, make an appointment with your doctor. Severe sunburns become infected very easily and have a higher risk of complications; your physician may advise you to take prophylactic antibiotics or use special salves.

If you’re experiencing a regular, run-of-the-mill sunburn, there are plenty of ways to reduce your pain and lighten (pun intended) the load. Try using a sunburn salve that contains real aloe or vitamin E (with lidocaine) or another numbing agent. These products block nerve signals, reducing pain, while supporting your skin as it heals.

For spot-specific sunburns (we often see this in men if they’re bald), you can also try try cool compresses or an ice pack wrapped in cloth. Apply the compress on for 15 minutes and off for 30 until your condition improves.


Sometimes, patients don’t come to us until after they’ve experienced a sunburn. The redness heals, but leaves behind it freckles, sun spots, and melasma. Medical aestheticians can use chemical peels and laser treatments to resolve these unevenly toned spots away for good.

Of course, there is one catch: you will still need to allow your burn to heal fully first. Treatments work best on healthy, healed skin. Once you’re healed, a single appointment is often enough to resolve your spots. It’s that easy!

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