Iron Deficiency Skin Problems

Iron Deficiency Skin Problems

Iron is an essential mineral for our body. Iron helps regulate a number of important functions, including energy production and immune system support. Keep reading to learn about some of the skin problems you might face with a deficiency of iron in your body.

Poor Wound Healing

If someone has iron deficiency, their skin may have trouble healing properly after surgery (i.e., after tooth extraction). This is because iron plays a major role in collagen formation and tissue repair. Without enough iron in the body, the tissues won’t be able to heal the way they should.

However, this is a very rare problem, and most people with iron deficiency won’t have issues with healing post-surgery. Diagnosing this condition is easy with a simple blood test that can be done by your doctor or skin specialist. Treatment options include taking an iron supplement and eating iron-rich foods. Talk to your doctor about the best nutrition plan for you if you’re concerned about your iron levels. 

Pale Skin

Patients with anemia are iron deficient and may experience symptoms like exhaustion, dizziness, headaches, hair loss, pale skin, and cold hands and feet. If left untreated, patients may suffer severe complications such as heart failure, respiratory failure, and even death. If you suspect you may be iron deficient, or if you are experiencing any unexplained muscle weakness and fatigue, please contact us to schedule an appointment. We will help determine the cause of your symptoms and get you the treatment you need.

Brittle Nails

About 10% of the world’s population suffers from iron deficiency anemia. This deficiency, which is not always caused by iron-deficiency anemia, can lead to health problems like brittle nails and hair loss. If you suffer from chronic fatigue, joint pains, or irritability, you may be suffering from iron deficiency as well.

When the body is deficient in iron levels, it is unable to produce hemoglobin properly. Hemoglobin is a compound that transports oxygen through the bloodstream, so without it, the body cannot function. Symptoms of iron deficiency include skin changes such as rashes, pigmentation, bruising, and nail discoloration. In addition, many people are diagnosed with type IV diabetes because of an iron deficiency. Anemia can also cause headaches, dizziness, and fatigue. If you’ve noticed that you’re experiencing any of these symptoms, talk to your doctor about testing for iron deficiency. Once diagnosed, your doctor can help you treat your deficiency with supplements.

Hair Loss

When your body doesn’t get enough iron, it can’t produce hemoglobin. Hemoglobin is a protein in your red blood cells that carries oxygen from your lungs to the rest of your body. With less hemoglobin to carry oxygen around in your body, your tissues can suffer from hypoxia, which can lead to hair loss or slower growth of new hair.

Iron deficiency can also prevent your body from using protein and carbohydrates as fuel for energy. As a result, your hair cells may have a hard time growing and producing new hair to replace the ones you shed naturally each day.

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