Facials: they’re the new black, at least when it comes to skin care.

It’s no secret that a good facial can help brighten, tighten, or even tone your skin, especially if you struggle with skin conditions like acne, redness, rosacea, or blotchiness. In fact, the first facials probably took place during medieval times, when attendants would use mixtures of herbs and minerals to help royalty look their best!

The good news is that today, facials aren’t just for royal families. In fact, they’re more accessible and affordable than ever – and that makes them a super choice for maintaining your skin during warmer summer months.

But how often should you have a facial, and is it possible to have “too much of a good thing?” We’ll tell you the answer in today’s post.


Before we talk about how often you should have a facial, let’s talk about why they’re becoming so popular in the first place.

What’s in a facial, anyway?

At its core, a facial is just a specific treatment process designed to remove old skin cells, plump, firm, soothe, tone, or brighten the skin. The main goal is to help your skin look and feel healthier while also slowing or limiting signs of aging. After all, your skin is the first place where age shows.

But the more specific truth is that each facial is really unique, right from the ingredients they contain to the way they’re applied. A facial for acne, for example, may contain salicylic acid, while a facial for dryness might contain hyaluronic acid.

A few of the most common benefits of facials:

  • It’s super relaxing. Okay, this one only indirectly benefits your skin, but an everyday cleansing or moisturizing facial? It’s incredible relaxing. Lay back while your provider gently massages fragrant youth-boosting ingredients into your skin…what’s not to love?
  • They deep cleanse the skin. Regular washing is great (and you should have a solid skin regimen, by the way…if you don’t, ask your spa to help you make one). However, it can’t really deep cleanse the way a good facial can. Cleansing facials empty pores, remove whiteheads and blackheads, and clear away environmental toxins that cause rapid oxidation and damage.
  • They improve circulation. The massaging motion used during most facials clears lymph fluid and encourages improved circulation – and that leads to healthier skin. Restoring proper blood flow increases the amount of oxygen and systemic nutrients that reach skin cells. You look and feel better!
  • They fight signs of aging. As we age, skin cell turnover rates decline. Old, dead skin cells make our skin appear dull, while fine lines and wrinkles age us. Anti-aging skincare products plump, add volume, and reveal more youthful skin cells by clearing away the old, dead buildup.
  • They help you detoxify your skin. Over time (even with regular washing) pores can become clogged with environmental debris, dust, and even cosmetics. Facials help you to loosen up and detoxify your skin for brighter, even tone at every age. This can be especially advantageous for people who suffer from breakouts or adult acne.

Honestly, this is really just a basic overview. For every skin problem, there is a facial that can fix it – or at least improve it, anyway!


The million-dollar question: how often should you have a facial?

Here’s the answer you might not want…there’s no one exact answer. Frequency depends on the skincare concern, the patient, their budget, the ingredients in the facial, and a whole host of other variables, like skin type.

If you have problem skin that’s prone to breakouts, or you are in the middle of a major breakout right now, you might need a facial every one to two weeks until things return to normal. From there, you can often maintain with a facial once a month.

If you have blackheads, whiteheads, or melasma, your provider may suggest a facial at anywhere between one-week and three-month intervals. Generally, frequency is set at a rate that limits potential side effects (especially with chemical peel combos) while gaining you the most results in a short period of time.

If you’re just looking to slow the signs of aging and keep your skin healthy, a facial once every few months may be enough. This is especially true if you plan to follow your provider’s suggested at-home skincare routine.

If you’re having other procedures, such as fillers, chemical peels, cosmetic surgery, or Botox, you may need to hold off on facials directly before and after. However, there are special facials that provide recovery support, so don’t be afraid to ask if they might be right for you!

If you have special skin concerns – such as psoriasis, rosacea, or extremely sensitive skin – you may need to limit the number of facials you have. While rare, it is possible for some patients to have paroxysmal reactions to certain ingredients if use is too frequent. Generally, though, your provider can avoid this by using special products with ingredients targeted to reduce your symptoms.


Not generally – at least, not when they’re provided by someone who knows what they’re doing. Normally, the provider will start each appointment with a quick assessment to ensure the facial is still well-suited to your needs. If it isn’t, or they have concerns about how you might react, they’ll either change the formula or stop the appointment.

This way, you are always protected from harm.

At-home and drugstore facials, on the other hand, are a different story; use them too often, and you could push your skin too far in the opposite direction. For example, if you over-use moisturizing facials, you might suddenly find your skin greasy and prone to breakouts. If you over-use acne facials, you might suddenly find your skin red, flaky, irritated, and just plain angry.


With regard to summer, there are some special concerns with facials, frequency, and ingredients to consider. Summer skin is far more likely to be oily and/or flaky due to sun exposure than winter skin. If you often schedule in moisturizing facials, you may need to adjust your schedule slightly to avoid worsening those concerns. But ultimately, your provider will help you identify whether any scheduling changes need to happen to accommodate the shift in seasons.

There is a science to facials and helping people with skincare needs. That’s why so many medspa providers come from a medical or dermatological background in the first place! By leaving your facials in the capable hands of your local spa, you reduce the risk of problematic complications and give yourself a chance to truly relax.

Hey, listen…you deserve to be pampered, too! Why not schedule in your next facial right now? Great skin is just a phone call away.

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