You want to look and feel your very best, right?

Taking care of yourself is a great start. Hydration, healthy diet, and exercise all play a role in our appearance and how we feel day-to-day, but sometimes, we just need an extra helping hand. That’s right about when most of us head off to the spa or salon for a facial, a new haircut, or maybe even a fab set of nails.

There’s nothing like a day at your favorite location to relax and rejuvenate you, but should you be hitting up the local day spa or a medical spa? Although they may sound the same, they’re really quite different.

Let’s explore your options!


A medical spa (or medspa) is, in fact, similar to a day spa in many ways. Most provide facials, pedicures, manicures – maybe even massages or mineral and paraffin soaks, depending on the location.

The main difference that makes a medical spa stand out is the fact that most are really a hybrid between a cosmetic procedure clinic and a spa. Because they provide more advanced treatments like injectables, chemical peels, and sometimes, even minor day surgeries, they must be overseen by at least one actual doctor.

The doctor leading the clinic (or doctors, if multiple people oversee the same clinic) also oversees all advanced treatments provided. Like a resident doctor in a hospital, they also manage non-physician treatment providers within the same clinic.

So why would you want to go to a medical spa instead of a day spa? We’ll tackle that next. You might be surprised to learn there’s a long list of reasons!


Most people that it was spot in order to relax, unwind, and experience a little bit of luxury. You can still relax and be pampered at a medical spa, but services are generally more targeted to achieving results, rather than just simple relaxation. This can, in some cases, make it more likely that you’ll actually see a resolution to your concerns.

Why do you want to head to the spa? If its luxury you’re after, an everyday day spa might be okay. But if what you REALLY need is a final fix to your skincare woes, a medical spa just might be the better choice!


As we mentioned before, every medical spa is overseen by an actual doctor. When you have an appointment, you’re meeting with an actual medical professional who has the training, experience, and advanced expertise to examine you, identify contributing factors, and zero on on the right approach.

Almost anyone can provide a basic facial with only minimal training. Doctors go through years of school to hone their craft, dealing with incredibly complex cases along the way. If YOUR case is complex, or if you just feel better being in expert hands, a medical spa is definitely the way to go.


Struggling with psoriasis? Have rosacea? Maybe you just break out at the mere mention of the word “oily skin.” Whatever chronic skin care problem you have, it can seriously interfere with everything from putting on makeup to handling your daily skin care routine. Even skin that is sensitive can react badly – or sometimes even randomly – to your usual formulas and products out of the blue, leaving you feeling pretty blue yourself!

Complex skin problems require customized solutions. The same old  commercial “quick fixes” most spas have access to might not be enough – or the esthetician could get it wrong, leaving you with undesired side effects. That’s no fun.

But here’s the thing: an esthetician can sometimes identify a skincare problem, just because they see skin and deal with it every single day. They aren’t licensed to actually diagnose illnesses, including skin conditions, in the same way as a medical doctor.

If you’re struggling with your skin and hoping to get a diagnosis or treatment plan at the same time you visit, it’s better to visit a medical spa instead of a day spa. You can even request an appointment with the doctor specifically if you want. From there, the two of you can come with a treatment plan AND decide which spa services are safe or beneficial for you – with your condition in mind.


So let’s say you DO have a skin condition, like cystic acne. Or, maybe you struggle with rosacea, but you have fine lines, too. You want to find the right treatment, but over-the-counter products just don’t work. Or maybe they cause side effects, like irritation and breakouts.

Medical spas excel at treating actual skin conditions because the doctors who run them are licensed to prescribe medication and/or medicated treatments, too. In many ways, it’s like going to a healthcare clinic and a spa all at the same time.

Just how common is this? Much more than you think! Nearly all injectables, like Restylane and Botox, are in fact prescription drugs. You can’t receive these services through most day spas for this very reason.

Steroid creams and vitamin D analogues for psoriasis? Nearly all are prescription-based. Most compounded cosmeceuticals? Those are often prescribed, too. Even the popular acne medicine Accutane is, in fact, a prescription medication – as are antibiotics like minocycline, both of which which are given to patients with severe acne from time to time.

Every medical spa differs in how much or how often they’ll prescribe. Some only prescribe the basics, outsourcing to medical clinics for more in-depth treatments. But either way, if you’re likely to need a prescription treatment for acne instead of just an acne facial.

Remember: there’s nothing wrong with hitting up the local day spa for basic treatments and a bit of relaxation. But when it’s time to step your game up and really get serious about fixing your skin concerns, there’s nothing like the medical spa experience. Make an appointment today and experience it for yourself!

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