You’ve heard of Botox and its magical effect on fine lines and wrinkles, smoothing them away to wipe years of age off of your face. Men and women seek Botox and other cosmetic treatments when they first notice the signs of aging. Skincare injectables help to erase fine lines, wrinkles, and sagging; they are effective for adult patients of almost any age.

What if we told you you don’t have to wait until you see the most common signs of aging on your face to seek treatment? You can avoid those fine lines and wrinkles for just a little longer by being proactive and seeking Botox treatment before fine lines develop.

Yes, it’s happening. People in their 20s are getting preventative Botox. Here’s the scoop.


First, fine lines and wrinkles don’t just appear out of nowhere. They form thanks to repetitive movements. Smiles, laughter, crying, and frowning all cause muscle movements that create tiny folds in the skin.

It’s not like we don’t know where they’ll form, either. Most of us get them in the same places, with emphasis around and between the eyes, the forehead area, and along the nose/mouth (marionette lines). These areas of concern are easy to treat, but marionette lines are more difficult to get rid of once they form. The deeper they are, the more product is needed to reduce their appearance


Most people seek Botox treatments for the first time in their 30s. Botox itself is FDA-approved for adults 18 years of age and older. While a few individuals seek it out in their late 20s, few in their early 20s need it…unless they‘re using it preventatively.

“Preventative Botox” is a misnomer. Your injector won‘t deliver Botox into your smooth, youthful baby face and hope to prevent wrinkles from forming at all; instead, it slows the process and reduces the severity of lines once they begin to form. Thus, if you would have found wrinkles for the first time at 35, early Botox injection could ward them off until 45 instead.


In an Elle interview, Dr. Joshua Zeichner explains that preventative Botox techniques are a two-step process. The first step is to have a patient use retinol products to stimulate natural collagen production. This preps the skin to respond in the right way while also preserving your natural ability to heal.

Once you have these initial treatments, your injector will deliver small amounts of Botox to relax the muscles of the face in the areas of concern. The relaxed muscles in these zones won’t constrict as tightly, reducing fine lines and wrinkles.

No — that does not mean your face will look paralyzed. When your injector uses the right techniques, they deliver Botox only at the surface of the muscle within the upper layers. This technique ensures you maintain your ability to control and move your muscles.

A good injector won’t just let you inject anywhere, either. They’re adept at seeing exactly where you’re starting to develop premature signs of aging. Your resting wrinkles (the ones that no longer go away when you stop making certain expressions) will leave a road-map for where your preventative Botox should go.


Botox is a great tool for treating fine lines and wrinkles, but there are two main problems with using it as a preventative. The sooner in your life you use it, the sooner your muscles will stop reacting to it. You can get Botox treatments for years and years and continue to look great; but would you rather use up your body’s tolerance with preventative treatments or save it for when you’re older and have a more visible need? The excess early exposure to needles could, after a time, leave you looking a little more aged than you want, too.

The other problem is that starting Botox early can be expensive. You will need regular touch-ups to maintain your results; starting years before you need it can become costly as you progress through your treatments. Your investment will add up over time, and it’s just frugal to wait a little while longer.


Want to put off your need for Botox a little bit longer? That’s fair. There are things you can do to slow down the wrinkle-forming process to ensure that when you do eventually get injectables, you benefit as much as possible from them.

  • Wear sunscreen daily to protect your skin from harmful UV rays.
  • Wear a hat to cover more of your skin.
  • Wear sunglasses to protect your eyes from the sun and prevent wrinkle-forming squinting.
  • Drink plenty of water. Hydrated skin stays plump; dehydrated skin wrinkles.
  • Eat healthy fats and foods with antioxidants. This includes avocados, coconut oil, blueberries, spinach, and just about every other fruit and vegetable.
  • Take control of environmental and lifestyle factors. Stop smoking, and limit your exposure to secondhand smoke.
  • Get enough sleep each night so your skin can heal.
  • Always remove your makeup before you go to sleep at night.
  • Reduce the stress in your life to stop excess cortisol This stress hormone is inflammatory and breaks down collagen.

The occasional skin pampering session at the spa may also help. Talk to your chosen medical professional about which skin rejuvenating facials or skin treatments might help prevent wrinkle formation. Micro-needling is ideal for stimulating collagen production as are certain peels and facials.

There’s nothing at all wrong with Botox — we love it! It’s just important to weight the pros and cons of using it too early in life. Too much, too soon may leave you hurting for a solution to your aging skin later in life. Those wrinkles you need a 100x magnifying glass to see aren’t taking away from your beautiful appearance, and you’re the only one who notices them. The longer you can put it off, the longer you’ll be able to use Botox and other neurotoxins for long-lasting anti-aging results.

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