That big, beautiful sun is out and the weather is just delightful. It’s officially time for fun in the sun, but your body can really take a hit in the warmer months if you don’t care for it properly. From drinking enough water to avoiding the sun at its highest points, there’s so much you can do to make this your best summer ever.

But hold on….before you dash outdoors with your water bottle, there’s something you should know about summertime skin care. When warmer months arrive, new skin care concerns (like excess oil, dryness, and sunburns) often follow. You can (and should) adjust your routine to compensate.

Start with these tips and tricks!


We can’t over-emphasize how important it is to wear sunscreen when you’re playing or exploring outside in the sun. For better or worse, the condition of our world and our weather means that going without can lead to irritation or even serious burns.

Particularly fair people (such as redheads) may even find they begin to burn in as little as 10 to 15 minutes at the summer’s peak. Spending several hours outdoors without sunscreen can even lead to second-degree burns – ouch!

There’s a few different ways to get your SPF fix. First, there’s nothing wrong with simply wearing a good sunscreen point-blank. But don’t forget that many cosmetics and cosmeceuticals contain SPF protection, too, as do many moisturizers. Build these products into your routine to ensure more uniform protection from the sun.

As for what SPF you should use? Most experts agree higher is better. Shoot for 60 SPF if you can, and never use anything below 30 SPF.


No, we don’t mean just get out of the sun (although hey, that’s important, too). Research shows that chilling your skin on the face may actually improve circulation to encourage a more youthful, even glow.

After washing and cleansing, use a special ice roller device to gently massage the skin from the center of the face around the nose outward. Or, just use your fingertips and a cool cloth instead. Doing so will reduce redness and irritation, but we have to admit it just plain feels great after a long, hot day in the sun, too!

Need a quick way to chill out while on the go? Skip the icy roller and try a facial cooling spray with an SPF built in. A couple of light spritzes and can help you regain energy and bring back a bit of brightness in seconds.


There’s a common misconception that people don’t need to moisturize in the warmer summer months, as skin typically produces more oil in warmer weather. While that’s true for some people, others find they over-produce oil or even become excessively dry when they don’t moisturize.

As a general rule, moisturizing should be a firm part of your skin care routine all year-round. The catch is you probably need to adjust how – or even when – you moisturize. Winter products are notoriously heavy and oil-rich; summer products should be lighter to compensate for additional oil production.

Try a light gel moisturizer for your skin type, or use moisturizing cleansers to inject a bit of moisture instead. Or, add a light moisture whip to your nighttime routine. Adjust until you find the right balance for optimal skin.


Can’t seem to find the right balance of moisturizers – or maybe you’re still experiencing oil and dryness? Try a weekly hydrating facial at your local medspa to kick it up a notch without causing further aggravation.

Your provider can help you identify the best products for restoring balance, but generally, facials containing quinoa, avocado, probiotics, and/or hyaluronic acid work best. All of these ingredients soothe and hydrate your skin.

Need another excuse? Getting a weekly facial is just plain enjoyable, too. Who doesn’t love relaxing and being pampered? It’s a great excuse.


The sun tends to make skin cells turn over more rapidly. This occurs for a variety of different reasons, but primarily, it’s a result of the fact that any exposure to the sun causes at least minimal skin damage (even if you wear sunscreen). That’s why some people seem to suddenly struggle with flaking, chafing, or even dry, scaly patches as the warm weather months roll in.

Exfoliation can help you remove old, dead skin cells to reveal newer, healthier cells at a faster rate, but it’s important to do it right. Time your exfoliation wrong, or use the incorrect ingredients with a heavy hand, and you could cause more damage than you fix in the long-run.

First, always opt for gentle ingredients if you’re exfoliating at home. A wet washcloth is a great start. You can also try a little bit of raw honey or sugar moistened with a few drops of water for a fast fix. Or, try a body brush with your favorite products.

What you shouldn’t do (ever) is exfoliate directly after sun exposure, especially if you have a sunburn. Not only will it be extremely painful, but it can cause additional damage to your skin. Give it a couple of days, apply lots of aloe vera, and wait until you see signs of peeling or flaking over browned skin. Then, you can try gently exfoliating away the old, dead skin.

Treating your own health holistically is also important for achieving overall vibrancy and optimal skin health. That means eating a healthy diet, drinking plenty of water, and giving yourself time to recuperate between festivals and parties.

Have a more serious problem – or know you’ll have one by the time mid-summer arrives? Hit up a medical spa now and explore treatment options. Right now is the very best time to get on the right track with a little help from the experts.

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