Make your skin resolutions stick in 2020.

With the turn of a new year comes a time in which many of us reflect on what we have, what we want to achieve, and what we can accomplish in the future. Some of us commit to eating healthier, while others just set a goal to stay hydrated, get active, or just be a little more patient and kind.

Why not make the New Year a time to kiss bad skin care habits goodbye and embrace healthy skin resolutions instead?! In fact, there’s never been a better time to reaffirm your commitment to nurturing your skin. These 2020 New Year’s skin resolutions are the perfect place to start.


This is for the ladies who have been struggling with the same chronic skin issues for months or years. Maybe it’s rosacea, maybe it’s psoriasis, or maybe it’s just a particularly annoying case of adult acne you can’t seem to clear. Or, maybe it’s just really serious dry skin with flaking (a common sign of eczema).

We can’t say this firmly enough: see a dermatologist!

The reality is that a lot of people just sort of wing it when it comes to issues like these, either because they can’t justify the cost of an appointment or because they just don’t feel it’s necessary. But there are amazing prescription treatments available for issues like these. You just might be suffering for no good reason!

So, take this time to reach out and ask for a little help. You might be surprised to learn there’s an easy fix – sometimes in only a single appointment.


When it comes to skin resolutions and care, most people focus on the face – but there’s a heck of a lot more skin available than that. In fact, the health of the skin on the rest of your body matters, too. You can (and should) care for it with the same level of dedication.

Whole-body skincare starts with the right shower and bath products. Skip bar soaps (as they can be drying) and opt for a hydrating body wash instead. Adapt the product to your needs – extra moisture for dry skin, gentle formulas for sensitive skin, and clarifying washes for oily or blemish-prone skin. Then, follow every bath or shower up with the right moisturizer for your skin type to seal those benefits in.

Suffering from specific non-facial skin problems, like “bacne”, breakouts, rashes, flaking, or redness? Think about environmental impacts, such as shaving or sensitivity to laundry products. Then, see a dermatologist for a diagnosis and treatment, because at the end of your day, your body matters, too.


Research shows that sleep can affect everything from simple skin hydration levels to inflammation and even your risk for chronic skin conditions. Getting too little sleep makes it much harder for your immune system to launch a response to environmental influences, including hormones, environmental toxins, UVA/UVB rays, illness, infection, and even the oils you produce naturally every single day. This, in turn, makes it harder for your skin to detoxify and stay healthy. Pores become congested, skin either becomes too oily or too dry, and the surface appears red and inflamed.

No fun, right?

Just how much sleep is enough to combat these risks? There’s no “perfect answer;” everyone is different. But, in most cases, you should aim for around six to eight hours per night. And, skip the naps unless they’re absolutely necessary; they can throw your rhythm off, which might interfere with sleep quality.


Of course we had to include this on the list, too. If you’ve been skipping sunscreen or slathering yourself in tanning oil, make this the year you stop. Skin cancers, like melanoma, are no joke – they cost people their lives every single year. Your life is worth far more than just being a little more bronze.

Instead of putting yourself at risk on the regular, make a commitment to self-protection by wearing sunscreen every single day. If it’s easier, you can slather on your favorite sunscreen after you wash, but before you put on cosmetics. Or, you can just opt for cosmetics that contain a built-in sunscreen instead.


A weekly mask is a great way to rebalance your skin and prevent signs of aging; in fact, we’d almost say you’re missing out significantly if you aren’t taking this step or aren’t making it a weekly goal. The right formula will detoxify, remove impurities, reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, lower inflammation, rebalance hydration, brighten, tighten, and even improve collagen production and cellular turnover.

Just be sure your provider recommends a product – don’t select a mask at random or from the drugstore. There’s a risk it may be too weak, too strong, or just plain incorrectly targeted, which won’t benefit you.


Sleeping in your makeup might not seem like a big deal, but it really is – and the reasons why might just surprise you.

Primarily, your skin kicks cellular renewal and detoxification efforts up a notch at night. Just as the rest of your body engages in self-repair while your sleep, so, too, does your skin. A heavy layer of cosmetics will interfere with this process.

But here’s where it gets really problematic. As you go about your day, your skin – and your cosmetics – accumulate debris, free radicals, and toxins from the air around you (especially if you spend lots of time in the downtown core). If you don’t wash your face before you sleep, all of these end up absorbing in and causing direct damage.

Any night products you use (such as moisturizers) won’t absorb properly over makeup, either. And that means you’ll see sub-par results.

It’s far better to set – and stick to – a full nighttime routine of washing, toning, moisturizing, and infusing before you sleep. But, if all else fails and you absolutely can’t muster the energy, you should at least remove your makeup and cleanse.

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